What’s The Point?

I’ve often said if I could go back and redo any part of my life… High School would be the last thing on the list.  Being a teenager was great, the glory days of N’Sync were fun, but High School was neither of those things.  The pop quizzes you were never ready for.  The projects you completely forgot about until the last minute.  The “food” in the cafeteria.  The lectures and homework and endless memorization of information you doubt you’ll ever need again.

But in honesty, I’m often surprised at how many things I learned in High School I actually needed.  It makes me almost wish I’d paid more attention.  Now I can see how I was being prepared for the life ahead.  All the “pointless” things have slowly revealed themselves to be quite useful… except for any math after Geometry, right?  After you learn to balance your checkbook and do a couple of simple equations, what more is there?  I mean, I guess I don’t even need most of that now that computers basically run everything, but…  I’m getting off the point.

Which is kind of my point.

It’s sort of easy to forget the point when you’re in the middle of something.  But when you step back, take a look at the big picture and see the results, the purpose in things becomes more clear.  When we forget the point we can get bored easily and let our passion for the task at hand slip away.

Once, some religious folks who had forgotten the point approached Jesus and called Him out for hanging out with people who they thought were not worthy of His time.  If Jesus was the Son of God, why was He spending so much time with people who didn’t follow God in the least bit?

Jesus reminded them that this was the point.

He told them that when something is lost, it’s worth leaving everything behind.

He told them that when something valuable is lost, you change your schedule to find it.

And He told them that when something you love is found again, that’s worth celebrating more than anything else.

If this is what is important to Jesus, this is what should be important to us too.

If you wonder why we play the music we play at 29:11, or why we dress the way we do on Sundays or why we do basically anything else we do, it’s all about reaching someone who is important to God—someone who doesn’t know Him yet.  The “lost” are the point of everything we do.

We often say “it’s not about us,” and that’s exactly what we mean.  We already know Jesus.  We aren’t the point.  Those who are still lost are the point, because that’s what Jesus said was important.

But “It’s not about us” isn’t just a Sunday morning thing.   It’s not about us all week long too.  Opportunities are all around you.  Slow down.  Step back.  See the big picture.  When you do, you’ll see the point—the people God has put in your path every day.  What is too important to leave behind to reach them?  What’s so important that you can’t go out of your way to connect with them?  What could be a better use of your time than to share Jesus with someone who needs Him?


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