Why Wait?

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed in the day-to-day grind of our lives. I think it’s fair to say that we have a tendency to overload our schedules with the lesser things in life that hinder us from experiencing the amazing things God has for us. It’s easy to use your “lack of time” as an excuse when you’ve packed your schedule full of things that don’t either bring you fulfillment or the true joy God wants you to have.

My point is this, either you make time for the important things in your life or you keep running yourself ragged, trying to fill a void with the same things you’ve always done. Why do we, myself included, continually do things the same way over and over then get frustrated when the results stay the same? Well, I want to challenge you for a moment and encourage you to start dreaming with God again, because all things are possible with Him. (Ephesians 4:13)

What if I told you that there is never a “perfect time” to do something for Jesus? What I mean is this, Ecclesiastes 11:4 tells us that, “if you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done.” So why do we wait? We know that God has called us for a purpose, a reason. It’s easy to wait when you’ve allowed yourself to become so busy that you miss the whole point of why you were created. God created us to have a relationship with Him and to share Him with others. (2 Corinthians 1:3-4)

If you’re not sharing God with people you’re missing so many amazing blessings in your life. Not just small things, but big things that you’ve always dreamed about. See, your life has more purpose than your busy schedule or insecurities. Your life is a ministry opportunity waiting to happen, but it’s your choice to embrace the endless possibilities of impacting people for the name of Jesus.

There is no better time than now to lead a small group. I don’t care how you view yourself. Start dreaming again and see what God does in your life. Craig Groeschel has a simple, yet powerful quote I want to share with you – “Do what is right and trust God with the results.” If you do what God has called you to do and make reaching people through a small group a priority in your life, God will show you His faithfulness. (Psalms 37:4-5) I dare you to lead a small group this semester, and put the results in God’s hands.

Here is the link to register your small group – Small Group Registration

We will have two small group leadership training sessions on Sunday, September 10th at the Gardendale Civic Center. One at 9:30am and the other at 10:30am. I want to give you some practical steps to help you reach people this semester.

There is no better time than now to impact people’s lives for Jesus. So let me ask you these two simple words – Why Wait?




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